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Here's some search engines, and some of my favorite links for you to try. Enjoy.... If you are a client of MJS Originals and would like your website listed here, please contact me at mjsoriginals@hotmail.com and I will add it.


AltaVista You know us as the Internet's original search engine.
Google One of the most visited hubs on the Internet reaching one out of every two web users.
Buy Custom Merchandise From MJS Originals

Please check this out! You can purchase customized items such as buttons, t-shirts, hats, greeting cards, etc. All designed by me and for less than retail. All the printing and shipping is taken care of by this site, no extra fees for you or me!!!! Please check it out. Thanks Nick for letting me know about this fabulous site, you are awesome!


'90's to New Rock, this band does Rock. Check Out THUD! and find out where they will be performing next.

World Wide Art
World Wide Art and Artists

Check this out! Another place to see and buy artwork from MJS Originals!!!!

Absolute Art Portfolio for Mary Salvog (MJS Originals)


Art Web Links A Directory of Artists and Related Art Sites
Artist and Marketing Oportunities

Be one of the few "Non-Starving" Artists in the world.

Post Frame Construction Technologies

We are a corporation who qualifies and designs post framed houses and buildings using a VA and FHA approved building method.

Yellow Page Search

Yellow Book, not the other book search.

Artists Yeandi Directory

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