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About MJS Originals
Mary J. Salvog ~ Artist & Graphic Designer

The History or Story Behind My Works

I started my interest in the visual arts at a very young age. My mother always said I had magic fingers. I could create pictures from out of no where. I drew mountains well before I ever saw one in person. My parents and family encouraged me to draw and paint, most of my birthday and christmas presents included a sketch pad and replacement paint brushes and color pencils.

I was very fortunate to be blessed with a very understanding and gifted art instructor in Junior and Senior High School, Mr. S. He encouraged me and enabled me to work independently in order to fine tune my skills and create my portfolio. I graduated in 1993 from a small town High School in northern Minnesota with a bunch of scholarships to go to college and a portfolio to go with it. Thanks Mr. S. You helped make this happen, yeah you. :)

I graduated with honors from Alexandria Technical College in Alexandria, MN. Top 3% in my class. My major, you guessed it, Communication Art and Design. (Graphic Arts and Illustration) If it wasn't for the awesome instuctors always driving me to put out 110% and expect more I don't know where I would be now. Thank you Mr Libby, Mr Sahlberg, Mr Bjerke and Miss Reed. You guys have been an inspiration to me and the rest of the 1995 alumni.

I've dabbled in computer graphics freelancing and working in various graphic fields, selling advertising, creating it, designing and building signs, banners and vinyl graphics and settling the last 8 years in the Yellow Page business. Don't forget, most of this time freelancing here and there with paintings, drawings, logo design and more...

Just recently here in June I decided to take a giant leap, take a chance with the internet and see where it takes me. It has been a wild ride to say the least, highs and lows, unexpected changes, interesting stuff. I have been able to establish myself as a local artist/designer, and am hopeful to go globally. If you want to follow along and join the ride, just keep checking back to my website, I am constantly trying to get updates made and I am always working on new works of art. Let the creative juices flow and let the magic fingers work for you.

As you can see from my picture, I love all arts, I am also a Bass Guitarist. I love music and being a part of music. If you know of any great sites where I can get some good Bass Cleph sheet music, please please let me know. THANK YOU

Many Thanks

My many thanks to my family and friends for supporting me in my dream to become a "Not So Starving Artist". For encouraging me to do my personal best at everything I do. Thank you to my kids for the constant inspiration to be a better person everyday. Everyone else, you know who you are. Yeah, you.  THANKS BUNCHES!!!

Email me with your questions.

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